Emily Burnham is a mixed media artist who is currently based on the Isle of Islay and has a cottage on the Isle of Skye. Her love of the Scottish Highlands and islands is her inspiration. Capturing their mountainous landscapes, idyllic beaches, wildlife and history through acrylic, watercolour and clay. Emily is also passionate about the holistic benefits of art and teaches workshops aimed at inspiring and equipping people to make art of their own.

“My first visit to a Scottish island was for my honeymoon! My new husband had already fallen in love with the Highlands and wanted to share this love with me. He found a beautiful holiday cottage online and our whole wedding was booked around the dates that it was free!

Isle of Mull

Since then we have visited the Islands and Highlands at least twice a year. Cycle toured remote places and bought a house on the Isle of Skye. Art of Skye

The Highlands and Islands have a way of capturing people. In particular those with an artistic heart. Meeting and being a part of these remote communities is such a privilege.

Isle of Mull Painting has always been a passion of mine and now so much of it is inspired by the Highlands and Islands. Every lichen covered rock, every twisted tree, every glimpse of a wild eagle, otter, stag or cow, every sunrise, every stormy day; its all just so magical to me.

Illustrated Isles is a celebration of all this. I'm so exited to share these landscapes with people through my art and through my workshops. Exploring how to make this magic into wearable art has been a creative challenge that I’ve found a whole new passion for.

So thank you very much for stopping by my website and I hope you get as much joy from my products as I do in creating them.”


About Islay

"The Isle of Islay is the southernmost island of the Inner Southern Hebrides of Scotland and lies in Argyll and Bute. The Isle of Jura, the Kintyre peninsula and Northern Ireland are Islay's neighbours. By the way, the proper pronunciation for Islay is Eye-la. As well as 9 working whiskey distilleries, Islay offers many wonderful and quiet sandy beaches all around the island."
Source - Islay Info

The Isle of Skye

"The Isle of Skye, connected to Scotland's northwest coast by bridge, is known for its rugged landscapes, picturesque fishing villages and medieval castles. The largest island in the Inner Hebrides archipelago, it has an indented coastline of peninsulas and narrow lochs, radiating out from a mountainous interior. The town of Portree, a base for exploring the island, features harbourside pubs and boutiques."
Source - Google