• Hold a party at a venue of your choice* and uniquely tailored to your needs.
  • All materials provided. Make and take home at least one craft.
  • A special craft created by all your guests for the party person to keep and treasure.
  • All parties are tailored for a range of abilities. Complete beginners can create simple yet beautiful works of art, while the more experienced in the group can try more advanced techniques.
  • Delivered by an instructor with over ten years teaching experience.
  • A qualified youth and children's worker with DBS checked
  • Got a party theme? Underwater? Superhero's? Let me know & I can incorporate that into the craft experience.

*Please note:

  • Venues must be big enough to facilitate the craft activity with access to water.
  • Prices include costs of all materials but varies dependant on travel costs.
  • Parties suitable for children aged 7 and over.


*final quote given when details
have been discussed


Bespoke Printing
  • Make hanging decorations figurines, pots, jewellery, anything you can imagine!
  • Begin with a lesson in how to shape, pattern and bond clay.
  • Get help forming ideas and experimenting with techniques.
  • No waiting! The clay is air dry clay so finished makes can be taken home that same day.
  • The party person leaves with a tile with their guests name and fingerprints on to remember the day by.


Bespoke Printing
  • Make an abstract canvas art with the colours, patterns and/or words of you choice.
  • Learn about how to use acrylic paints, inks, and masking fluids to create unique patters and colourful back- grounds.
  • Get help mixing colours and experimenting with techniques.
  • Take home one finished canvas each.
  • Guests will also make a piece of group art work for the party person to keep and treasure.


Bespoke Printing
  • Make a bespoke tote bag or apron with colourful block printing skills.
  • Learn how to carve your very own stamp then use this, and a variety of pre-made stamps, to print onto your fabric.
  • The party person leaves with their own hand made bag or apron, plus an extra item incor- porating all the stamps made by their guests.

My bridesmaids organised a crafty hen afternoon for me with stamp carving and block printing which was so much fun! There were pre-made stamps, different levels of stamp creating for beginners or the more adventurous amongst us and Emily was on hand to help mix colours, carve stamps and pick our designs from her stamps and folders of designs. We all got to take home our tote bags and the stamps we'd made if we wanted them; I loved it! Highly recommended.

- Katie


Want a fun evening organising for your church, craft group or as part of your event?
Whether it be an evening of Christmas Crafts, a Summer time Craftanoon or a craft station at your Spring fete.

Packages can include:

Any of the party crafts detailed above


Up to five simple 'craft stations'

Design of the event flyer

Contact me with details of your group or venue and we can chat about how I can help get your party crafty!